Clarkston High School Senior Pictures with Stephanie

We loved meeting Stephanie! She’s really cute and has really cool eyes. And Jordin loves her clothes. :) The sun was so bright during the shoot! We tried to use it to our advantage and give her pictures a warm, summery feel. Fortunately it wasn’t insanely hot like it has been the last couple days! Here are some of our favorites:

Rochester Adams Senior Pictures with Elise

Well Elise has an awesome voice and awesome hair. Trying to show both of those in a picture was a fun experiment. :) She goes way back with our family, and we were so excited we got to do her pictures. Keep your eye out on Broadway for her!

We thought her pictures turned out beautiful. Here are some of our favorites:

amazing senior pictures in michigan

Rochester Adams Senior Pictures with Emily

Emily’s a lot of fun (and really easy to talk to!). She and I hadn’t met before the shoot, but she was immediately comfortable and really good at working the camera! She also has an unabashed love for swings, which made for some really fun pictures. :) Here are some of Jordin and I’s favorites:

Senior Photos with Chris and Kim

Our first sibling shoot! Chris and Kim did their senior pictures together since Kim is graduating two years early. (Yes, that means she’s really smart!) We had a lot of fun trying to capture their personalities, be it Chris’s love for soccer and guitar, or Kim’s obsession with climbing dangerously high trees and reading in them. The only ugly part was trying to climb the tree myself.

So I was determined to get some pictures looking down on Kim in a tree, which meant I had to climb the tree too. First she scurried up it like it was nothing, so I really thought I wouldn’t have any problem with it. I decided she has a gift. Jordin got a nice shot of me legitimately trying to get down though.

Kim was trying to call out instructions to me the whole time. “Just throw your left leg over the branch!” Kind of scared of heights, I was like, “WHAT?!”

Rochester Adams Senior Pictures with Tyler

We took Tyler out a few days ago for his senior pictures and nearly got rained out! Well, we did now that I think about it. It actually poured on us, but we got some awesome pictures and took cover with the cameras before it came. Tyler’s life literally revolves around sports, and he’s amazing at them, so it was almost a given that we incorporate hockey and football (Tyler was just named captain) into his senior pictures. They got some really cool designed sports collages too that we’re pretty excited about.
Here are some of our favorites:

This was right before it poured and we took cover under the bleachers:

Rochester Adams Football Senior Pictures

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    Betsy King - I think the overcast skies actually kind of add something to the intensity of the football pictures.ReplyCancel

Rochester Adams Senior Pictures with Jenna

Another piece of cake job! Jenna has awesome eyes, really cool contrasty hair, and she’s a natural in front of the camera. Being a photographer herself, we had a lot of fun trying and talking about new poses and lighting techniques too. We thought these turned out awesome.

Some of the faves:

Ann Arbor Senior Pictures with Kendra

See these pics on Facebook.

We had to run some errands in Ann Arbor the other day, so we took Kendra for her senior picture shoot while we were there. (She did a shoot in the winter too, but that was mostly just to show our friends and family that we’ll be doing photography this summer.) These are the REAL pics. Sisters get special privileges. :)

Here’s Kendra. She looks like a model. :)

Stoney Creek High School Senior Pictures with Gabe

This was a fun shoot. Gabe is a ridiculously talented musician, and he’s a stud. And he’s really fun to hang out with while taking pictures. :)
I’m hoping I get to do some music with him at some point! Here are some faves from the shoot: