These are the kind of things I do with my wife.

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There are a lot of times I’m reminded how much I love photography.  Today I took out my camera to document the purchase of our first live Christmas tree (which I love way more than I thought I would).  I felt incredibly lucky that I even own a camera, and I get paid to use it!  It’s like the guy who loves playing video games getting hired to test new video games.  I love using a camera to get people excited about who they are and the way they look.  My greatest compliment is when a client looks at their pictures and says, “Ah! I could be in a magazine!”  I just think, “Of course you could!  If you’ve ever thought you looked ugly in a picture in the past, chances are the person taking it didn’t know much about lighting or framing!”  Magazines are full of images created by artists. And every celebrity that appears in magazines has a personal photo retoucher that retouches every single photo before it’s released.  There’s no magic blood-type that puts a celebrity on some higher level of perfection.  Images and video are just so prominent in media today that we’re only told about “famous” people by the artists who document them.  Well, now I get to be people’s and families’ personal artist to show them and their close ones how unique and beautiful and wonderfully made they are.  One person at a time, I get to shatter the facade that people in magazines are somehow more beautiful than us “normal” folk.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.  Here’s Kayla!  Speaking of could-be-in-a-magazine!  We went all over to get a range of urban and nature senior pictures.  Kayla, like the last post I made, is now at my alma mater too!  Good luck to you Kayla!

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That’s right, we’re Birmingham photographers now!  And it’s time to catch up on this year’s work!  We did Josh’s senior pictures at UofM, my Alma Mater and the school he’s at now!  He’s so comfortable and laid back.  Good luck to you, bud!  And go blue!

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I’m heading downtown Birmingham for our Black Friday giveaway! If anyone will be in Birmingham and wants a free, fully retouched family, single, or couple picture from Curtis Wiklund Photography to use (or not use) in Christmas cards, call or text me to find out where we are. We’ll meet you, take your photo, bring it home for retouching, and email it to you! And if you don’t like it, at least it was free!

We’ll be downtown from 2:30-4:30pm. Call or text: 248.971.0059

PS- We want to meet new people in Birmingham. That’s why we’re doing this! So even if you don’t know us, or might have some friends who still want a good Christmas card picture, let ’em know! We like meeting new people!

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    Anna Dwyer - Any chance you’ll be doing this again this year? Andy and I would love to have a good photo to send out for our first married Christmas. :)ReplyCancel

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Enough about us!  I know, time to put some of our work up from this year!  BUT!!!  Two days ago was one of the specialest days in the world to me.  Jordin’s birthday.  And that day and Thanksgiving got in the way of blogging about it.  SO, to those who don’t know Jordin, it’s not too late.  She’s incredibly talented, creative, beautiful, and sings better than Beyonce.  Together we are one… and she’s the half I’m proud of.  Girls… younger girls, unmarrieds, connect with her.  She would love it.  And she is the greatest example on this planet of how to make a man feel like a hero every day.

Craig Groeschel recently shared this story at the Catalyst conference about his wife Amy:  They were counseling a couple, and this woman was trash talking her husband like nobody’s business.  Amy said, “You are totally tearing down and destroying your husband.  You are dishonoring him.”  The woman looked back and said, “If my husband were a tenth of the man your husband is, I’d show him honor.”  Amy said, “Maybe my husband is who he is because I’ve honored him all his life.”

That’s Jordin to me.  I wish every girl could meet Jordin and take a page from her book into their own marriage.  She stands out among women, not belittling men- honoring them.  SINGLE MEN, find a woman like that, and hang on to her!  They’re rare!  Thank you Jordin for making me feel like the greatest man alive.  I can do anything in the world because you believe in me!!!  You are the greatest believer, encourager, inspirer, and cheerleader in the world… and I am the luckiest man.  I don’t deserve you, but every day I gladly accept your agreement to be my wife.  I will love you and cherish you forever!  Happy belated Birthday!

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    Michelle - This is such a beautiful post!!! Hope you don’t mind, but I linked to it (will be on my blog tomorrow) and copied some words (quoted them from you – wanted to give credit where it was due). This is awesome — if only more couples would show respect and honor and love towards each other, we would all be much better off! You two look very sweet and adorable!! I love seeing love being shouted out so loudly publicly like this!ReplyCancel

After a loooong search for a home, we have finally found it, and we are SO EXCITED!  I can’t help but look at the hard wood floors and crown molding and think, “God, you know my wife so well.”  And I get a fully finished basement to set up my office!  We’re so thankful for the way He takes care of us.  And thank you mom and dad for letting us take over your house in our transition time!

Saying goodbye to Ann Arbor was pretty tough though.  I still feel a tinge of nostalgia every time I drive by the exit to our very first apartment.  That little one-bedroom home by UofM’s North Campus has some of our favorite memories in it.  Late night movies, eggs and toast for dinner, working in the living room, hosting “The Office” nights when everyone sat on the floor since our couch is teeny, our hand-me-down couch that immediately received a slip cover since it was disgusting, being the only people within a mile who’s first language is english (no idea why), taking the bus or riding my bike to class so Jordin could take the car, Jordin’s daily HOUR commute, all-nighters in the computer lab when Jordin would drive me over a 2am snack, all-nighters in the computer lab when Jordin would stay with me the WHOLE NIGHT… man, my wife’s good. :)  Our first year of marriage was so fun.  We made sure to get in one last visit to our favorite Ann Arbor restaurant, Potbelly, where we used stacks of napkins for our camera tripod.  Some of our last Ann Arbor memories:

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The Lord’s Prayer can be confusing. For example, what does “Thy Kingdom Come” mean? I made this video to present a 5 1/2 minute crash course on the huge concept of the “Kingdom of God.”

“Everyone prays it. Now it’s time to live it. Time to put God’s will above our will. Time to get past our fears, give up control and get into action. God is on the move. And he’s going to grow his kingdom with or without us. Are you in? This radical new 3-part series will change the way you think of the “Our Father” prayer forever. And ever. Amen.”

This is the premise of Kensington Church’s latest series “Thy Kingdom Come”. The video was used as the opening to last weekend’s service. It’s my first voice-over work too!

Thy Kingdom Come

Watch the HD version of Thy Kingdom Come with full description on Vimeo.