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Detroit Freelance video editor and animator

I shoot a lot of home videos. When Jordin and I go to her parents’ house, I always bring my camera, because our baby siblings are the most entertaining little munchkins in the world. A while back, Jordin’s dad was speaking about adoption and foster-care at a men’s retreat and asked if I have any footage of Michael and Jayden. Yeah, probably over 100 hours of it. These are the clips I put together. I love them!

These are the kind of things I do with my wife.

(in case the video doesn’t load, watch “The Puppet Without a Voice” on YouTube)

more videos and animated shorts on my portfolio page

The Lord’s Prayer can be confusing. For example, what does “Thy Kingdom Come” mean? I made this video to present a 5 1/2 minute crash course on the huge concept of the “Kingdom of God.”

“Everyone prays it. Now it’s time to live it. Time to put God’s will above our will. Time to get past our fears, give up control and get into action. God is on the move. And he’s going to grow his kingdom with or without us. Are you in? This radical new 3-part series will change the way you think of the “Our Father” prayer forever. And ever. Amen.”

This is the premise of Kensington Church’s latest series “Thy Kingdom Come”. The video was used as the opening to last weekend’s service. It’s my first voice-over work too!

Thy Kingdom Come

Watch the HD version of Thy Kingdom Come with full description on Vimeo.

Jordin and I are a part of a very arts-based church, called Kensington, which we love. I had the super fun opportunity to make the intro video for the service this weekend. They’re starting a new series called, “Surprise! You’re a first round draft pick!” It was a pretty time-crunch project, but after a few all-nighters, I thought it turned out, and I learned a whole slew of new techniques in the process!

Piecing It Together

Watch the HD version of Piecing It Together with full description on Vimeo.

The goal here was to put 3D characters in real space.
We’re blueberries.

Blueberries Getting Married

Watch on Vimeo

Our wedding is in ONE WEEK!

Here’s a little hand drawn animation I did this semester based on a clip from animation mentor. I’ve gained a lot of respect for those old feature length hand drawn animations! This took so long and it’s about 15 seconds long and no color!

Next fall, for my senior thesis here at UofM, I’m creating an Animated Musical Short with my roommate. I’m pretty excited about it, but there’s still a lot to learn before the fall in order to finish it all in one semester. Here’s my first attempt at character animation. It’s pretty rough and needs tweaking that could keep me busy for months, but I’ve learned what I need to in order to begin rigging my own characters.

Time for some character designs!