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Animation Rig Practice

Next fall, for my senior thesis here at UofM, I’m creating an Animated Musical Short with my roommate. I’m pretty excited about it, but there’s still a lot to learn before the fall in order to finish it all in one semester. Here’s my first attempt at character animation. It’s pretty rough and needs tweaking […]

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Jordin’s Song

This is a song I wrote for Jordin back in our dating days about a year and a half ago. It’s rough, but after a year and a half of not recording the rest of it, I decided all the instrumentation and better miking I envisioned for it would have to remain in my head. […]

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The Truth About the Self Portrait

The previous post was a lie. I actually painted this after 26 days of no food or water, wandering through the Arabian Desert in search of the base station of the malevolent guerilla warriors who put me there. I found them and convinced them they needed me alive, but was given water only after I […]

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Self Portrait

I tried oil painting this semester. It felt nice getting away from the computer and working with such a tangible medium. I’ve never painted before, and now I feel like I’ve been missing out on one of the most therapeutic means of expression. It was so freeing! (We had to “alter” ourselves in some way, so […]

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Artwork Coming…

My artwork is coming. As soon as I get a chance to sit down, I’ll begin putting up my recent drawings and animation tests up here, along with some music I’ve been working on.  To see some of my photography work, visit my home page: I’ll be doing a lot of high school senior […]

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  • March 19, 2009 - 5:01 pm

    lillian - Hi Curtis,

    It’s basically a photoshop layer multiplied ontop of the sketch. I use one of the wet brushes, and you can definitely use colour.



I’m engaged!

For those who missed the bus ride, here’s the video from November (thanks Steve and Evan). Thank you all so much for making it awesome (including the random people riding the bus!). 58 days ’till the big day! Woohoo!

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